Regal Assets 5-Star Gold IRA Reviewed In Depth

We discussed the benefits of a gold IRA rollover with Regal Assets in a previous post here, but today we wanted to discuss why they have been rated the top choice by many different review sites. Not only do they have the best customer service and offer the lowest fees in the industry, they also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 5-Star TrustLink rating, an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and a 5-Star SACDC rating (see ratings summary – image below):

SACDC's rating system for gold IRA companies and other financial institutions.
Regal Assets LLC
Date Published: 10/16/2014
This item has received an A+ from the BBB, AAA from the BCA, 5-star TrustLink rating, and 5-star SACDC rating.
5 / 5 stars

SACDC ratings summary

This is mainly because of several factors that serve as huge benefits to their customers. Regal Assets offers a “buyback at spot price” guarantee. This means that after you have converted your IRA or 401K to gold or silver, you are now able to sell your precious metals back to them at anytime without worrying about getting the best price.

Also as discussed before, they offer the lowest fees in the industry. They have a zero dollar setup fee, a low flat yearly fee, and no hidden or miscellaneous fees like almost all other gold IRA companies.

They also do not focus on promoting numismatic coins for retirement investors. They know that the value of precious metals does not exceed the inherent value of the metals themselves when it comes to long-term investing. Leveraging your asset value based on collector value is very risky and has led to many gold dealers into deceptive and fraudulent business practices. This has left many consumers with huge losses in their retirement accounts. Regal Assets has never been even allegedly accused of deceptive business practices, and this is why you will find zero complaints online no matter where you look.

They are also one of the few gold IRA companies that offers offshore gold storage. You are now able to store your IRA gold here at home in the US, or you can choose to store them abroad in places like Singapore that offer huge tax benefits.

Promo Video From Regal Assets

You can tell from their promotional video that Regal Assets cares about their customers financial well-being. When it comes to gold IRA investing, they are one of the few that play by the rules. Some of the other companies that also come highly recommended are Birch Bold Group, California Numismatics, and United Gold Direct. However, the aforementioned companies do not have the low flat annual fee that Regal Assets offers. Most every other company that offers self-direct gold retirement rollover plans have setup fees, admin fees, storage fees, and sliding scale fees.

Even if you are just wanting to buy physical gold without your retirement assets, this is certainly the organization you will want to use. This is simply because of the security and low risk. Why buy gold from somewhere else when you are not able to sell it back to them at spot price whenever you need or want to?

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