The Library of Navarre organized 507 activities throughout 2017, 44% more than the previous year

The Library of Navarra organized a total of 507 activities throughout 2017, 44% more than the previous year, besides the loan service of books and other documents. Likewise, 1,319 people were registered as new users with the Public Library System of Navarra card and a total of 264,254 visits were reached.

The activities organized included storytelling, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and workshops, as well as 36 guided visits, more than double that of 2016; and 191 sessions of 16 reading clubs made up of 268 members. Also, 28 publications were published, including news bulletins and resource guides on specific topics, the Government of Navarre said in a statement.

In this section of activities of promotion and animation, last year consolidated cycles that were launched in 2016 as ‘The Ochomiles of universal literature’ or the Day of the Writers, are some of them.

On the other hand, in collaboration with the libraries 

the Comarca of Pamplona, ​​the collaborative experience started in 2017 to bring the culture and environment of Latin American countries, taking advantage of the architecture biennial on Latin America, was repeated. In the case of the Library of Navarre, it focused on Colombia with the organization of an exhibition and the publication of a resource guide with documents on this country.

He also highlighted a joint activity with the ONCE in June to spread the Braille system especially among the youngest ones; the cycle ‘Ancestral Voices’, which was attended, among others, by writers Juan Pedro Aparicio and José María Merino; and the celebration of the Day of the Book with the poet Eloy Sánchez Rosillo.

The celebration of the Day of the Library, on October 24, was marked by several activities, of which we can mention a special act carried out by the School of Dance of Navarra that danced in different corners of the library and a poetic recital accompanied by tasting of wines. All these activities served as the basis for editing promotional videos around public libraries in Navarra.

The most important activity of 2017 was the exhibition to mark the centenary of Gloria Fuertes, organized by the Fernán Gómez Cultural Center in Madrid and the Gloria Fuertes Foundation, and around which different shows, centers of interest and guided tours were organized. .

In the Navarra Library, during 2017, 1,319 people were registered as new users with the Public Libraries System of Navarra card: 499 women, 435 men, 195 girls and 190 children. The total number of visitors was 264,254.

As for the loan, 99,340 documents were processed at home and 1,585 collective loans were processed, managed with different institutions, associations, agencies, etc.

In this section, it is worth mentioning that since November, the new Interlibrary Loan Service has been implemented among all public libraries of the Public Libraries System of Navarra. Thus, during 2017, 617 loans were processed through this channel (559 within the Network itself and 58 with libraries outside the Navarra libraries network).

Another service offered by the Library of Navarre consists of the provision of computers for public use for all people with a library card. During 2017, 9,333 people made use of these computers, with a total of 31,766 accesses.



Other outstanding actions of the Library of Navarra throughout 2017 refer to those derived from the Legal Deposit Office and filmographic heritage.

Of the first, it should be noted that it received a total of 2,939 requests last year, which represents an increase of more than 53% compared to 2012, year of entry into force of the new legal deposit legislation that caused the modification of the responsible party of the publication from the printer to the editor.

On the contrary, the registration of new publishers has decreased, which means that entities, institutions, public or private associations in Navarra may lose the heritage they publish. To avoid this, the Legal Deposit Office recommends following a simple online procedure that “ensures the conservation and dissemination of your funds so that any citizen can consult them in the future.”

The office of DL de Navarra also collaborates in the Web Archive, a project under development between the National Library of Spain and the Autonomous Communities, whose objective is to collect web content in order to preserve documentary heritage on the Internet and ensure access to it In this sense, it is desirable to have the participation of all citizens in the construction and development of the Web Archive in Navarra, collaboration that can be done through the email or by calling (848425680 or 848425683) .

Specifically, in 2017, the DL office in Navarra selected 952 web contents related to Navarra and of diverse topics. Your query is restricted access and is made in the Library of Navarre through two specific teams.



The Bibliographic Heritage, Filmographic and Legal Deposit Bureau, created at the beginning of 2016, developed several actions throughout 2017, including the acceptance of deposits and digitization of cinematographic materials.

Thus, last year 15 agreements of deposit of images in 16mm, 35mm or Super 8mm were adopted; and the digital copies corresponding to 10 deposits were delivered. In addition to the materials deposited by individuals, other images of patrimonial interest belonging to the Government of Navarre were digitized; specifically, three films of 16mm and another in 35mm. The Pamplona headquarters of the Central Library of Capuchins of Spain was also advised in relation to a series of films filmed in 8mm.

Likewise, a total of 17 inquiries and requests from people and entities related to the cinema and the audiovisual sector were handled; 9 agreements were signed for the use of images kept in the Library and Film Library of Navarre; and two 35mm films of interest for Navarra were acquired. A documentary about San Francisco Javier filmed in the 50s of the 20th century by Portuguese director Ricardo Malhiero and a 35mm copy of a feature film by Luis Cortés from Navarra.

Any inquiry about filmographic heritage can be done through the email of the Library of Navarra or by calling the Bureau’s telephone number, 848 42 77 82, from 08.30 to 15.00.